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Well Mr Renforth went to bat for me received a DWI from medical side affect (ambient) and stuck it out and fought for me. And we won. What I thought should have been a simple thing to figure should have been dismissed right away but took almost 2 years. And yes it costs money to win any case but Mr Renforth told me what it would cost up front and how I could pay it out was very flexible. He did what he said he would do his best and he did.. never pressured me to decide or for me to settle to get it over faster. Stuck with me. Glad I was referred to his office. Thanks Mr Renforth from me and my family.


Jim, was amazing. My case was dismissed and immediately we discussed having it expunged in a couple of years. Jim was very thorough regarding the details and outcome of the case. He was patient with me, regardless how often I messaged or called. This charge could have prevented me from seeking professional certification and forced me out of a career. Jim is the perfect attorney if you want results, as well as someone who will put in the time and effort in your defense.


I hired Jim Renforth to help straighten out some trouble my daughter had gotten herself into. Jim was very professional, quick to react, very knowledgeable and determined. He answered questions and worked hard to solve the problem even after he was off the clock. He was able to get the problem solved and my daughter released very quickly. I would recommend Jim Renforth to anyone who needs help getting things worked out in our legal system.


Jim was an awesome person and a breath of fresh air every time I talked to him. Even in a tough time in my life, he always made me feel better after I met with him. Thank God he was able to get my charge lowered and this very trying time is now on the road to a much better resolve. Thanks Jim. You're a great guy! Best of luck to you and your future.


I'm very thankful for entrusting Jim with my case as it was life altering and helped put me On the right side of the decision. I would recommend and hire him for any legal issues that should arise.


He was very professional. He will work hard for you. He is understanding and courteous. I was very satisfied with the result of my difficult case. And now i can rebuild my life once again. Thank you Jim


Jim was beyond a blessing to me! He is very reasonable on prices and he's great to work with. He got my charge lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor. He managed to get my vehicle back from the police seizure. He also managed to get me approved to move to the Virgin Islands for work and school. I HIGHLY recommend Jim to everyone.