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Drug Crimes


Drug Crime Defense

It is is crucial that you hire an experienced Texas drug defense attorney if you are arrested for a drug related offense including drug possession, drug transportation or drug distribution. A conviction on these charges could result in a lengthy prison sentence or collateral consequence—trouble finding safe and decent housing, termination of government provided benefits, or loss of employment.

Drug crime cases will require a thorough investigation into the Texas state’s case against you. Usually an evaluation will need to be conducted to learn why law enforcement officers believed they had probable cause to arrest you. Further, a drug related charge will often trigger constitutional issues such as your rights against unreasonable search and seizures or your right against self-incrimination. If you have been recently charged with a drug offense, contact drug crime defense attorney Jim Renforth at (817) 877-0401 before making a statement to the police. Any statements you may have made surrounding your arresting circumstances could be held against you in court.

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