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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you heal quickly and rebuild your life after the misfortune. Attorney Jim Renforth specializes in personal injury cases and has successfully represented thousands of injured clients throughout the Tarrant county & Texas.

The law office of Jim Renforth is a Fort Worth, Tarrant county personal injury law firm that is well known and respected through a long record of success, fighting big insurance companies, well-financed corporate and individual defendants. Contact attorney Jim Renforth for a free consultation.

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A total of 518,577 car accidents were reported in Texas in 2015.

Accidents affect our lives in many different ways. Some have devastating immediate consequences that can impact our lives in the long run. When you are involved in an accident, like a car crash, slip and fall or workplace injury, you can find yourself facing physical wounds and high psychological and financial costs.

Common consequences of personal injuries include:

  • Temporary, long-lasting or permanent body injury
  • Impaired physical and mental abilities
  • Costly medical treatments
  • Inability to return to your job or join the workforce in another capacity
  • Feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression
  • Property damage

Accident insurance should give us peace of mind when misfortune strikes. But sometimes, insurance companies will attempt to wiggle out of their responsibilities in caring for someone who was hurt in an accident. For example, a representative for the insurance company may offer to settle a case for much less than what the injured person is owed. When this happens, a skilled Fort Worth personal injury attorney like Jim will know how to proceed legally and will be able to accurately determine the compensation that you are owed based on all of the losses you have suffered and may suffer as a consequence of the accident. If you have been hurt in an accident, don’t handle discussions with your insurance company on your own. Instead, contact a personal injury attorney and let your lawyer handle all communications. Not only will your Fort Worth personal injury lawyer be able to deal with insurance companies, but when necessary, can also navigate your case through the court system.

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