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How Bail And Bonds Work In Texas

Types Of Bail Bonds You Can Get If Arrested In Texas

Arrests are not only stressful; they can also be costly and inconvenient. The most pressing concern after an arrest is typically release, which requires posting some collateral or bond in Fort Worth, Texas.

Several types of bonds can be utilized depending on the situation and amount, such as:

  • Cash Bonds – A cash bond requires the total amount to be paid by the alleged offender via cash, money order, or cashier’s check before release.
  • Surety Bonds – A surety bond, also known as a “bail bond,” is paid by a pre-approved third-party bail bonding institution. These companies charge a percentage of the total bail, post the bond on behalf of the alleged offender, and assure the court that the released individual will be present for all future court dates.
  • Personal Bonds – A personal bond is usually reserved for first-time offenders and does not require a cash payment or surety. Alleged offenders are released based on their promise to appear for future court dates.

To guarantee the best chance of a speedy release without accruing exorbitant fees and legal costs, retain a qualified bond attorney.

How Bail And Bonds Work In Texas?

How Do Bail Bonds Work In Texas?

A bail is an amount that an alleged offender is ordered to pay by the court to be released from jail before potentially awaiting trial. A bond is a monetary promise which can be paid by a bonds company that the client hires. If arrested, the court will assign a bail corresponding to the offense level that the accused party incurs. The accused person may stay in custody pending a court date. If the bail amount set by the judge could be paid in cash, that option is available. However, suppose the person chooses to utilize a bonds company. In that case, the company will typically request a percentage of the bail – often as little as 10% – and will post the total amount on the person’s behalf, with the assurance that the defendant will be available to appear for their court dates.

What Services Does A Bond Attorney Provide?

If you’ve been arrested, you can utilize a bonds dealer to bail out. Suppose you hire an experienced Bonds Attorney, on the other hand. In that case, they act as your representative throughout the legal process, including after you have been released and are awaiting your case should the state choose to charge you. While incarcerated, your bonds attorney will proactively communicate with the judge if no bond has been set and verify that the amount requested is reasonable and comparable to bonds in similar offenses. The attorney will then work with a third-party bonds company that allows you to post bail. After you are released, your lawyer works on your behalf to ensure you get the legal support you deserve.

Your priority bonds attorney will benefit you by:

  • Negotiating lower fines or court costs
  • Working to have your charges lessened or dropped altogether
  • Representing you in court
  • And much more!

You will not have to be present in court in many cases, as your attorney can speak on your behalf for plea deals and other legal proceedings.

If you believe you were wrongfully arrested or charged, it is essential to have an attorney to advocate for you; it is the most effective way to ensure you get the justice you deserve and your rights are protected.

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