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Aggressive Criminal Defense In Texas Courts

A guilty verdict in a state or federal courtroom is tantamount to shutting the door – a cell door – on the rest of your life. Brutal punishments await anyone convicted of felony drug crimes, sex crimes, assaults, or intoxication offenses; just to name a few. If your liberties and livelihood face similar challenges after an arrest in Tarrant County or Parker County, one skilled defense lawyer can stand between you and a sad future filled with imprisonment and fines. At the Law Office of Jim Renforth, you tap into years of experience and the broadest criminal law background possible when retaining me to represent you. I am a former court probation officer, deputy court chief, narcotics task force prosecutor, assistant district attorney, and an exceptional litigator. – senior trial attorney at the Law Office of Jim Shaw.

My knowledge of our justice system, access to high-tech crime investigation, proven talent at negotiations with prosecutors and forceful litigation against them at trial are just a few examples of how uniquely qualified I am to represent you…Read More

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A Deep Belief In Your Right To ‘Equal Justice Under Law’

As a former prosecutor, I excel at winning reductions of charges, acquittals and appeals on behalf of clients charged with a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors, such as:

At the Law Office of Jim Renforth, I use every lesson learned to your benefit, in and out of court. You can expect straight talk and diligent defenses every step of the way.

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You do not have to surrender to a bleak future filled with harsh punishments. You can fight for your rights – and I will fight right along with you. To discuss the obstacles you’re facing and how to overcome them, call (817) 877-0401 or reach my Fort Worth law firm by email message.

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