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“I was called by Mr. Renforth today, less than a week from my first post. He called me with a reasonable accounting of why it happened and the way he handled it saddens me that he’s not the lawyer i was looking for for my issue. Thank you Sir for the quick and earnest response. I wish you and your practice the best.” Anthony G.

“Needed help with a bond and he was there in a minute. He is representing my son and always available. Best criminal lawyer in Dr Worrh.” Anne T.

“Big Jim was awesome! Every time I was in the room with other attorneys around, I always remember being glad that I chose Jim. Great rapport with the Judge and everyone else working for the county. Got a great deal that I wasn’t expecting. Highly recommend!” Kevin T.

“Jim did such an amazing job. He went above and beyond. Hands down the best attorney you can get. He helped me get my life back. He keeps you informed of all updates that happen during your case. Jim is very professional and I strongly recommend him to anybody who needs help. I appreciate everything he did for me. Without him I don’t know what would have happened to me. Thank you Jim!!!!” Chad L.

“Jim is genuine and very real. He will look out for your best interest. Hes super easy to talk to. Just a great guy to have on your side. I always recommend him and send business his way.” Melanie B.

“Highly recommend Attorney Jim Renforth, I cannot say enough good about him! He got the job done with excellence, uses wisdom, bold, doesn’t miss a beat. Very capable, in my opinion the finest & most qualified attorney in Tarrant county.” Shelley B.

“Best attorney hands down! My son had got into some trouble and Jim got it taken care of quickly leaving our minds at ease! Was quick to respond and kept in constant communication! Highly recommend!!” Angela M.

“Mr.Jim is professional and full experienced attorney he has the knowledge what he is doing. I am super glad what he did with my case. Aswome Jim Renforth.” Naseer A.

“Mr. Renforth truly cares about people! He is a man of integrity, and takes his job very seriously. From the first meeting until the end he was honest and forthright in ALL areas of my case; not once did I doubt his sincerity. He has got a knack for negotiation, and a personality of confidence and style! Making our family feel like it was a part of his, Jim went above and beyond the ‘call of duty’! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for representation!”SJ Turner

“Jim was a straight to the point kind of attorney. If you want someone that will fight for you call Big Jim. You won’t be disappointed. Very professional, responsive, and works for you.” Kristin L.

“Doesn’t sugarcoat anything but also has your best interests in mind. The best lawyer I’ve worked with, and I have dealt with quite a few.” Michael K.

“Wonderful lawyer” Laura S.

“Jim Renforth has been our attorney for 20 plus years. I recently needed representation and of corse I called Jim. I have my life back now and I can move forward once again. No one will work harder for you and your family. He is hands down the best attorney and friend. So very thankful for all he has done for me. I would say honesty is one of his greatest qualities. He is very familiar with the current court system and knows how and what to do and also when to do it. Thank you so much Jim !” Julianne H.

“My son was looking at a 40 year sentence. Jim never stopped fighting for my son. Jim is professional and always stays calm. He truly cares about the person he is representing and their family. I’ve never retained an attorney that gives out the cell number! I could text Jim with any question and he would respond back. Jim will keep you updated on the case and be straight forward with you. Jim also help get a seized car for me. His staff is very professional and helpful as well. I can’t thank Jim enough for helping my son and my self through this hard experience. Jim’s is the best! Thank you again Jim” Sheree J.

“Jim is hands-down the best lawyer . My son got himself into a mess of trouble, was facing some real prison time for heavy charges due to stupid actions. Jim not only saved him from prison, but his expertise got his charges reduced to a misdemeanor with probation. Of course lack of responsibility my son did not meet Probation because he was not ready to turn his back on his lifestyle. Needless to say after multiple adjustments and Jim going to the judge, he got probation dropped and he was assigned community service work detail. The boy messed that up too, and now We are back with Jim working for another outcome. I am confident Jim will work this out for his good, And hopefully the boy will get it done this time.” Tina

“I spoke with multiple attorney’s about my case but once I spoke with Jim I knew he was the one to go with. I am thankful I made my choice to go with him. He was always there for me and always available if I needed anything. We decided to go to trial and he never backed down from the DA on their “offers”. Because of his commitment to my case I could not have asked for a better outcome. I am very pleased with what he was able to do and what he was able to accomplish. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Jim.” Dax

“I had a irresponsible night with too much to drink and knew I shouldn’t drive, thought I was doing the most responsible thing by sleeping it off in my truck on a very hot night. Sound asleep with my truck running in the parking lot with the ac running Burleson PD gave me a DWI. A friend referred me to Jim and with the letter of the law not on my side calling and hiring Jim Renforth was the smartest thing I did.

From our very first meeting he put my mind at ease, from explaining the process and payment options. I hired him on the spot and he went to work keeping me in the loop every step of the way via text and cellphone calls both during business hours and after hours during this very stressful time of my life. Jim is a very straight forward honest man telling me both good and bad news but assured me that he thought I had a very strong case and if I trusted him he thought we had a very good chance of winning the case. I did just that even though people around me advised me to save my money and just take probation.

Jim was very professional from day one, from court appearances to jury selection although very nerve racking it went very smooth. I was acquitted of two charges one of which could have ruined my life as I know it and quite possibly cost me my job.

I would highly recommend Jim Renforth no matter how bad your situation is Jim is a very good negotiator and I’m confident even if you have a situation you can’t win he will work very hard to get you the best deal possible, in my case it was most definitely a win.” A Satisfied Client

“As the result of some poor decision making and circumstances I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I took immediate action to rectify the situation and then contacted Jim to help me sort out the legal aspects. He and his team were fantastic through the process. They kept me well informed of what was going on and most importantly they achieved a positive outcome on my behalf. Solid representation, If I should ever require assistance again, I know exactly who I will call.” Juan

“What can I say about Jim? When you meet the big guy you think…he is cocky, you can’t tell if he is joking or not, does he really care about you?? Well put your bad thoughts away. If you ask him not to sugar coat, he won’t. Prices are negotiable and his prices quite affordable. He gets the job DONE. His height is alittle scary and can be quite intimidating but he is a tough lawyer. Highly recommended!” A Satisfied Client

“Jim provided nothing but exceptional service in my case. My case took over 3 years to resolve due to the fact Jim wouldn’t settle for anything, but what I wanted. He was always completely honest and straight forward with how the case was going. Never sugar coated anything, but would always not try to get me to settle for something else. If I ever had any questions or wanted updates I could always get in touch with him or would receive a call back asap. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone and have already. I couldn’t have hired a better lawyer and I am so pleased with my outcome.” Brian

“Jim went above and beyond representing a family member of mine. He was available well outside of normal business hours.” A Satisfied Client

“Jim made a great first impression. He was down to earth and straight forward. My 17-year-old nephew was charged with felony assault. Although video evidence proved this to be untrue, Jim’s professionalism put my family at ease and quite possibly saved my nephew’s future. From the beginning, Jim told me that he wanted the case dismissed, and that was the result. He always answered my calls and kept me in the loop about the status of the case. I hope I never need the services of a criminal attorney again, but if I do, I’ll be hiring Jim Renforth.” A Satisfied Client

“Mr Renforth was retained for my grandson after a DUI arrest during a visit to see his mother coming from from Colorado. My grandson was stopped by an Azle officer on what appears to be suspect probable cause. After completing the field sobriety tests shown on dash cam video he was arrested anyway. Family in Colorado and Nevada suffered through 3 postponements over a year and a half. The Tarrant County DA was not able to produce the Police Officer as he had left Texas and law enforcement. Finally Mr Renforth suggested demanding a jury trial. I traveled 3000 miles to bring my grandson to Ft Worth for trial. As he expected the former officer would not show from out of state and the charges were dismissed. 2 years of grief finally over.” Jim

“Working with Jim Renforth during my DWI court process was so easy. Jim walked me though the whole process, told me the cost up front. Explained to me the classes and steps needed to be taken prior to court – which helped in my reduced sentence. Should I ever need a lawyer again, I will use him again.” Carol

“I hired Mr. Renforth for a last minute shock probation for my wife. He first analyzed and research the case to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time and money and kept me up to date every step of the way. He not only helped get her shock probation granted, which was a slim chance to begin with, but also followed up after it was granted making sure she was released and home. The cost was very reasonable and from the first contact to the last he personally answered all my questions by phone or email. I hope I don’t need a criminal lawyer again but if I did Mr. Renforth will be the man I’d go to.” Jose

“Jim was very pleasant to consult with during a difficult time during which I was charged with a DWI. Phone calls and texts were returned in a timely manner. During discussions about my case I felt encouraged and that he was sincerely working for the best possible outcome. The cost was communicated to me upfront and it never changed. The case did take 2 years, but the outcome for dismissal was sure worth the wait. I Highly recommend Jim Renforth. Great Job!!” Clifton

“Well Mr Renforth went to bat for me received a DWI from medical side affect (ambient) and stuck it out and fought for me. And we won. What I thought should have been a simple thing to figure should have been dismissed right away but took almost 2 years. And yes it costs money to win any case but Mr Renforth told me what it would cost up front and how I could pay it out was very flexible. He did what he said he would do his best and he did.. never pressured me to decide or for me to settle to get it over faster. Stuck with me. Glad I was referred to his office. Thanks Mr Renforth from me and my family.” Jake

“Jim, was amazing. My case was dismissed and immediately we discussed having it expunged in a couple of years. Jim was very thorough regarding the details and outcome of the case. He was patient with me, regardless how often I messaged or called. This charge could have prevented me from seeking professional certification and forced me out of a career. Jim is the perfect attorney if you want results, as well as someone who will put in the time and effort in your defense.” Joe

“I hired Jim Renforth to help straighten out some trouble my daughter had gotten herself into. Jim was very professional, quick to react, very knowledgeable and determined. He answered questions and worked hard to solve the problem even after he was off the clock. He was able to get the problem solved and my daughter released very quickly. I would recommend Jim Renforth to anyone who needs help getting things worked out in our legal system.” Kevin

“Jim was an awesome person and a breath of fresh air every time I talked to him. Even in a tough time in my life, he always made me feel better after I met with him. Thank God he was able to get my charge lowered and this very trying time is now on the road to a much better resolve. Thanks Jim. You’re a great guy! Best of luck to you and your future.” Ted

“I’m very thankful for entrusting Jim with my case as it was life altering and helped put me. On the right side of the decision. I would recommend and hire him for any legal issues that should arise.” A Satisfied Client

“He was very professional. He will work hard for you. He is understanding and courteous. I was very satisfied with the result of my difficult case. And now i can rebuild my life once again. Thank you Jim” Chad

“If you want to feel like someone actually cares about your case beyond a case number, hire Jim Renforth! From my first meeting with Jim I felt he cared about my situation and would do everything possible to represent me to the fullest. Being from out of State made my case that much more difficult for me. Jim went above and beyond to represent me in my absence. Every email, phone call, and sometimes after hour cell phone collaboration was answered. And I always felt better after talking to Jim. Most importantly, Jim believed in me and would not compromise. Case dismissed. Thank you Jim.” A Satisfied Client

“Jim was beyond a blessing to me! He is very reasonable on prices and he’s great to work with. He got my charge lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor. He managed to get my vehicle back from the police seizure. He also managed to get me approved to move to the Virgin Islands for work and school. I HIGHLY recommend Jim to everyone.” Mason

“Jim was an absolute pleasure to work with. He always returned my calls and never left me hanging with unanswered questions. He was able to not only expedite the process for an outcome on my second offense DWI but actually had it knocked down to obstruction of a highway with a deferred sentence. Jim was always extremely professional while also talking to you on a personal level. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone seeking legal council. Under tough circumstances he was exactly what I needed. Thanks Jim!!!” Rob

“Jim Renforth went above and beyond for me in my case. He was very patient with all my questions and would always reply to any of my calls or emails. This is a very important trait to have in your lawyer because things will and do always come up and the situation is constantly changing. He negotiated a great outcome for my case; working with the DA and judge in my case. If you need an attorney, I strongly suggest hiring Jim Renforth. He is, without a doubt, one of the top lawyers in Tarrant and Parker County. HIRE HIM! You will not regret it.” Tim

“A few years ago I was charged with a Third Degree Felony and facing a prison sentence. Mr Renforth was very reliable and committed himself to the task and achieved Superior Results (deferred adjudication). Recently, my PO sent me before the Judge for an admin review and I called upon Mr Renforth and without hesitation he reassured me and made a few phone calls and once again kept me out of prison. You can expect “SUPERIOR RESULTS” from James David Renforth II and I would highly recommend!!” Cynthia

“Jim Renforth is hands down the best attorney! He’s great at what he does, very honest & gets the job done. If I had any questions about my case, Jim was always there & responded to all my texts and calls. He’s always there to help, I hope to never be in this situation again but I’d definitely hire him again! Highly recommend him 100%.”Marybel M.

“Hands down the best attorney in Fort Worth! Jim is straightforward and doesn’t sugarcoat things. He know what he’s talking about and is excellent at what he does. His prices are very reasonable, Go with Big Jim.”Chad W.

“Hands down the best attorney!! Goes above and beyond for his clients!! He has represented me for approximately 15 year’s. I recommend Mr. Renforth to. Everyone facing criminal charges..DUI’s, ect…THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SERVICE’S! YOUR THE BEST!”Tiffany H.

“Practicing law is more than just a job for Jim. He takes a personal interest in his clients and fights for you in the courtroom where the respect he has earned is apparent. He should be called Jimmy-on-the-spot since he makes himself available at unconventional times when needed. I would not trust my freedom nor the freedom of anyone I care about to anyone other then Jim Renforth.”Whitney W.

“I thought my life was over, going to be thrown away into prison. Jim straight up saved my life. Saved my job. Saved me from losing everything. Jim focused on one thing at a time. You have to trust in him. Obviously I never want to be in any kind of trouble, I would recommend Jim to anyone. He cares. Paid my bond. Everything you need or want from a lawyer. Thank you Jim.”S H.

“Jim Renforth has been a helping hand within my family for years, for several situations. He has always gone above & beyond to make sure that we are taken care of & get the best possible service and outcomes possible. I will always go back to Jim if I have any legal situations that I need assistance with. If you’re not coming here – you’re going to the wrong place!”A Satisfied Clint

“I would highly recommend Jim Renforth to anyone dealing with anything or any cases they think they can’t win. We were lucky and my husband is home with us!! He let us know straight what we had to look forward to and what it was. Any questions you have he will answer. He kept his word to us and kept us up to date & we had faith that all would be good and it was. This is your guy for all and anything you got going on, CALL JIM NOW!!”Jennifer C.

“I have been treated like nothing more than family at this law firm. I recommend Jim Renforth to any of my friends and family with issues with the law, I have been blessed to have worked with some of the best lawyer in Fort Worth. Do not hesitate choosing Jim to fight for your life, clear your name, and get you back on your feet on the way to freedom!”Danielle F.

“Used them for years! Even back when it was Jim Shaw’s office and I still give them 5 stars. cool, straight forward and will help in any way possible!”Robert H.

“When dealing with a case that threatened my freedom. Jim was prestigious with solutions to these types of troubles, being highly skilled and professional in his communications with his clients I know I trusted the right guy. Hire a lawyer that will fight for your life literally Jim is the only one my family and I trust.”Dani G.

“Came to Jim for help when the odds were all against me, He kept me up to date on my situation and got me exactly what I asked for and kept me out of jail. If anyone needs a high powered lawyer I would high recommend you call Jim !”Darion T.

“I highly recommend Jim. He’s extremely experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic to the uniqueness of your case. Also, his prices are very reasonable. He’s confident and has a great sense of humor. Jim is an excellent choice and a blessing to be of your side.”Anthony C.

“Went from having multiple felonys dropped down to deferred adjudication probation with a slap on the wrist Seriously call Big Jim He will find a way where u think there isn’t one stop throwing your money away and call someone that can make miracles happen CallBigJim!”A Satisfied Client

“Jim is amazing would recommend anyone to not only at the very least visit but hire Jim! Great guy, straight shooter, and always willing to explain your situation. He’s a badas! You wont regret it!”William C.

“After an unfortunate detainment in Dallas, I was recommended to hire Mr. Renforth as my attorney. Thank God I did because Jim is the absolute best! He’s an honest standup guy who works hard in order to make his client’s life easier. It worked! My charge was dismissed in the end and I have Jim to thank for that.”Bianca B.

“Before last year, I had never been in trouble with the law in my life! Jim’s office had represented my family in the past, so I knew that I was in good hands by hiring Jim. Any time I needed updates or had questions, he was always a text message away. Jim and his office staff were very pleased to work with as well. Thank you Jim for all of your help representing me in my case and thank you for my freedom! The words ‘Motion to Dismiss’ were the words that I prayed for daily as an outcome. YOU DID IT!! I would highly recommend Jim as an attorney any day! In fact, just save his contact number in your phone RIGHT NOW for the future because one day you or someone you know will need it! He’s the man that will fight for you.”Nikki D.

“Mr. Renforth truly cares about people! He is a man of integrity and takes his job very seriously. From the first meeting until the end he was honest and forthright in ALL areas of my case; not once did I doubt his sincerity. He has got a knack for negotiation and a personality of confidence and style! Making our family feel like it was a part of his, Jim went above and beyond the call of duty! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for representation!”SJ T.

“Jim provided nothing but exceptional service in my case. My case took over 3 years to resolve due to the fact Jim wouldn’t settle for anything, but what I wanted. He was always completely honest and straight forward with how the case was going. Never sugar coated anything, but would always not try to get me to settle for something else. If I ever had any questions or wanted updates I could always get in touch with him or would receive a call back asap. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone and have already. I couldn’t have hired a better lawyer and I am so pleased with my outcome.”Brian B.

“Mr. Renforth is amazing at what he does. One of the most sincere and honest people that I know. He did the best job possible for my outcome and I can’t be thankful enough. Definitely would recommend Mr. Renforth to anyone ever needing a top-notch attorney at really reasonable rates. Thanks again Mr. Renforth!”Colt L.

“Thank you Mr. Renforth for your expertise and professionalism in handling my son’s case. You really came through for him! I’ll be more than happy to recommend you.”Phoenix J.

“Big Jim gets tha job done..holla at him”Donte D.

“Good person all around. Takes action immediately as well. Thanks Jim. I would highly recommend this attorney.”Jayden D.

“We had a great experience working with Jim, would highly recommend him.”Kendra W.

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