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Law Office of Jim Renforth

“Jim Renforth is hands down the best attorney! He’s great at what he does, very honest & gets the job done. If I had any questions about my case, Jim was always there & responded to all my texts and calls. He’s always there to help, I hope to never be in this situation again but I’d definitely hire him again! Highly recommend him 100%.”Marybel M.

“Hands down the best attorney in Fort Worth! Jim is straightforward and doesn’t sugarcoat things. He know what he’s talking about and is excellent at what he does. His prices are very reasonable, Go with Big Jim.”Chad W.

“Hands down the best attorney!! Goes above and beyond for his clients!! He has represented me for approximately 15 year’s. I recommend Mr. Renforth to. Everyone facing criminal charges..DUI’s, ect…THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SERVICE’S! YOUR THE BEST!”Tiffany H.

“Practicing law is more than just a job for Jim. He takes a personal interest in his clients and fights for you in the courtroom where the respect he has earned is apparent. He should be called Jimmy-on-the-spot since he makes himself available at unconventional times when needed. I would not trust my freedom nor the freedom of anyone I care about to anyone other then Jim Renforth.”Whitney W.

“I thought my life was over, going to be thrown away into prison. Jim straight up saved my life. Saved my job. Saved me from losing everything. Jim focused on one thing at a time. You have to trust in him. Obviously I never want to be in any kind of trouble, I would recommend Jim to anyone. He cares. Paid my bond. Everything you need or want from a lawyer. Thank you Jim.”S H.

“Jim Renforth has been a helping hand within my family for years, for several situations. He has always gone above & beyond to make sure that we are taken care of & get the best possible service and outcomes possible. I will always go back to Jim if I have any legal situations that I need assistance with. If you’re not coming here – you’re going to the wrong place!”A Satisfied Clint

“I would highly recommend Jim Renforth to anyone dealing with anything or any cases they think they can’t win. We were lucky and my husband is home with us!! He let us know straight what we had to look forward to and what it was. Any questions you have he will answer. He kept his word to us and kept us up to date & we had faith that all would be good and it was. This is your guy for all and anything you got going on, CALL JIM NOW!!”Jennifer C.

“I have been treated like nothing more than family at this law firm. I recommend Jim Renforth to any of my friends and family with issues with the law, I have been blessed to have worked with some of the best lawyer in Fort Worth. Do not hesitate choosing Jim to fight for your life, clear your name, and get you back on your feet on the way to freedom!”Danielle F.

“Used them for years! Even back when it was Jim Shaw’s office and I still give them 5 stars. cool, straight forward and will help in any way possible!”Robert H.

“When dealing with a case that threatened my freedom. Jim was prestigious with solutions to these types of troubles, being highly skilled and professional in his communications with his clients I know I trusted the right guy. Hire a lawyer that will fight for your life literally Jim is the only one my family and I trust.”Dani G.

“Came to Jim for help when the odds were all against me, He kept me up to date on my situation and got me exactly what I asked for and kept me out of jail. If anyone needs a high powered lawyer I would high recommend you call Jim !”A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Jim. He’s extremely experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic to the uniqueness of your case. Also, his prices are very reasonable. He’s confident and has a great sense of humor. Jim is an excellent choice and a blessing to be of your side.”Anthony C.

“Went from having multiple felonys dropped down to deferred adjudication probation with a slap on the wrist Seriously call Big Jim He will find a way where u think there isn’t one stop throwing your money away and call someone that can make miracles happen CallBigJim!”A Satisfied Client

“Jim is amazing would recommend anyone to not only at the very least visit but hire Jim! Great guy, straight shooter, and always willing to explain your situation. He’s a badas! You wont regret it!”William C.

“After an unfortunate detainment in Dallas, I was recommended to hire Mr. Renforth as my attorney. Thank God I did because Jim is the absolute best! He’s an honest standup guy who works hard in order to make his client’s life easier. It worked! My charge was dismissed in the end and I have Jim to thank for that.”Bianca B.

“Before last year, I had never been in trouble with the law in my life! Jim’s office had represented my family in the past, so I knew that I was in good hands by hiring Jim. Any time I needed updates or had questions, he was always a text message away. Jim and his office staff were very pleased to work with as well. Thank you Jim for all of your help representing me in my case and thank you for my freedom! The words ‘Motion to Dismiss’ were the words that I prayed for daily as an outcome. YOU DID IT!! I would highly recommend Jim as an attorney any day! In fact, just save his contact number in your phone RIGHT NOW for the future because one day you or someone you know will need it! He’s the man that will fight for you.”Nikki D.

“Mr. Renforth truly cares about people! He is a man of integrity and takes his job very seriously. From the first meeting until the end he was honest and forthright in ALL areas of my case; not once did I doubt his sincerity. He has got a knack for negotiation and a personality of confidence and style! Making our family feel like it was a part of his, Jim went above and beyond the call of duty! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for representation!”SJ T.

“Jim provided nothing but exceptional service in my case. My case took over 3 years to resolve due to the fact Jim wouldn’t settle for anything, but what I wanted. He was always completely honest and straight forward with how the case was going. Never sugar coated anything, but would always not try to get me to settle for something else. If I ever had any questions or wanted updates I could always get in touch with him or would receive a call back asap. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone and have already. I couldn’t have hired a better lawyer and I am so pleased with my outcome.”Brian B.

“Mr. Renforth is amazing at what he does. One of the most sincere and honest people that I know. He did the best job possible for my outcome and I can’t be thankful enough. Definitely would recommend Mr. Renforth to anyone ever needing a top-notch attorney at really reasonable rates. Thanks again Mr. Renforth!”Colt L.

“Thank you Mr. Renforth for your expertise and professionalism in handling my son’s case. You really came through for him! I’ll be more than happy to recommend you.”Dena C.

“Big Jim gets tha job done..holla at him”Donte D.

“Good person all around. Takes action immediately as well. Thanks Jim. I would highly recommend this attorney.”Jayden D.

“We had a great experience working with Jim, would highly recommend him.”Kendra W.

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