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DWI And Drug

Your Advocate in DWI and Drug Crime Defense - Jim Renforth

The ability to get to our jobs, to provide for our families, to drive on vacation and many other functions have depended largely on the legal ability to drive a car.

Is the status of your driving privileges at risk after a police stop for suspicion of drunk driving? Were you compelled to execute a physically strenuous field sobriety test? Was the breath testing equipment inflicted on you prone to malfunction or defects? Were you forced against your will to provide a sample of your blood.

At the Law Office of Jim Renforth in Fort Worth, you receive the benefit of every doubt after being pulled over by police or state troopers. I handle a variety of complex DWI cases ranging from first time arrests up to and including intoxication manslaughter.

I have extensive experience in aggressively challenging DWI charges and learned from the best. I use my knowledge and experience to serve you. My successful practice is marked by incisive investigations, aggressive advocacy, a track record of success and a tradition of personal service. I push for reduction or dismissal of your DWI charges from day one. When our work together is over, you will know that your interests have been thoroughly safeguarded.

Drug Crime Defense Expertise

Overly zealous law enforcement has been known to carry out warrantless searches for drugs in residences and motor vehicles, coerce confessions and even plant contraband on innocent people in order to justify an arrest.

Drug defendants in Texas have been convicted for less — and are now serving “hard time” in prison. If you were a victim of circumstance, bad timing or “hanging” with the wrong crowd that left you vulnerable to apprehension for a serious drug crime, you must have a skilled, dedicated criminal defense lawyer on your side, starting today. Otherwise, you risk a variety of harsh punishments that can leave you scarred for life.

In Fort Worth, Tarrant County and Parker County, defense attorneys don’t come much more skilled and dedicated than Jim Renforth. At the Law Office of Jim Renforth, I have compiled a long list of impressive trial victories and successful settlements. These outcomes are solid proof that I can help you too. I assist clients in obtaining bonds at no additional charge.

Jim Renforth, Esq.

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I fight for my clients - let me fight for you

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