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Effective Drug Crime Defenses In Texas Courts

Overly zealous law enforcement have been known to carry out warrantless searches for drugs in residences and motor vehicles, coerce confessions, and even plant contraband on innocent people in order to justify an arrest.

Drug defendants in Texas have been convicted for less — and are now serving “hard time” in prison. If you were a victim of circumstance, bad timing, or “hanging” with the wrong crowd that left you vulnerable to apprehension for a serious drug crime, you must have a skilled, dedicated criminal defense lawyer on your side, starting today. Otherwise, you risk a variety of harsh punishments that can leave you scarred for life.

In Fort Worth, Tarrant County and Parker County, defense attorneys don’t come much more skilled and dedicated than Jim Renforth. At the Law Office of Jim Renforth, I have compiled a long list of impressive trial victories and successful settlements. These outcomes are solid proof that I can help you too. I assist clients in obtaining bonds at no additional charge.

Years Of Experience, Record Of Results In Drug Cases

I am a former prosecutor who knows what to expect from government attorneys prosecuting you. My goal is to deliver quality defense representation against felony and misdemeanor drug charges such as:

  • Possession and distribution of controlled substances
  • Drug trafficking, especially in cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine
  • Drug cultivation and importation, sale and delivery
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug manufacture
  • Operation of an illegal dispensary
  • Drug paraphernalia possession and distribution

If my law office is unable to help you avoid a trial, you can count on me to be the lawyer who “has your back” — with an in-depth investigation, plea bargain negotiations with prosecutors and tenacious trial advocacy that impresses judge and jury. These proven skills are matched only by the level of attentive personal service you receive throughout the process.

My Representation Begins With Your Initial Consultation

A drug crime conviction in state or federal court can have life-changing consequences. Safeguard your interests before, during and after a trial. Call experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney “Big Jim” Renforth at (817) 877-0401. I promptly respond to all emails.

Jim Renforth, Esq.

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I fight for my clients - let me fight for you

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